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New Battleground: Kumas Royale

Who still remembers the Kumasylum which disappeared from the game a while back? The new patch will open up access to Kumas Royale, a revived version of the previous battleground.

In Kumas Royale, all players are transformed into kumases and battle it out for victory over three rounds.

The aim is to eliminate the enemy team's boss; manage that and you win the round. The team which wins two rounds claims victory on the battleground and will receive additional reputation!

At the start of the round, each player starts off as a Baby Kumas. Once the round starts, after a short waiting period, one player in the group can become the Kumas Boss by talking to him with the ‘F’ key.

Baby and boss kumases have different skill sets:

Skill Button

Baby Kumas

Kumas Boss



You attack and deal damage in front of you by clapping.


You attack 6 times with your fists while moving in a straight line.

Brake Bolt

You fire an energy bolt directly ahead, slowing down any enemies hit for a few seconds.


You move forward and jump, delivering damage to any kumases beneath you upon landing.

Baby's Breath

You fire a blast of damaging breath in a cone in front of you.


You fire a blast of damaging breath in a cone in front of you. Baby kumases hit by this can't use skills (except Tantrum) for a short time.

Pop Rockets

You fire your toy rockets at a target in front of you.


You fire a powerful energy beam ahead of you after a short casting time.
Left Mouse


You attack an enemy in front of you with both hands.


You attack 3 times while moving in a straight line.
Right Mouse


You attack in front of you by rolling forwards and receive a shield. Whilst rolling you do not take damage from enemy attacks.


You jump and make a powerful impact on the ground. Enemy baby kumases will be stunned for a moment.


You take a big step back. You do not take damage from enemy attacks while using this skill.

At certain intervals, a Pallialith will appear in each sandpit which regenerates HP. If a baby kumas destroys this crystal, they'll receive an effect which allows them to heal themselves and other nearby kumases. Kumas bosses cannot reach the Pallialith. In order to protect and heal the boss, a baby kumas must first destroy the Pallialith and then move within range of their boss.

You can always see on the map where the Kumas Bosses (monster faces), Baby Kumases (dots) and Pallialiths (green plus) currently are.

Each round lasts a maximum of 5 minutes. If neither boss has been defeated after this time, the team whose boss has the most HP wins the round. If both bosses have the same HP, then the round is drawn.

The following rewards await:
  • Bellicarium Credits: Victory – 1800, Defeat – 0, Contribution Bonus – 2000
  • Killing Spree Credits: Victory – 800, Defeat – 0, Contribution Bonus – 900




  • The Day Is Mine!
  • Repeatable (Vanguard Initiative)
  • For level 65
  • 15 Tier 9 Feedstock
  • 280 Gold
  • 50 Vanguard Initiative Reputation Points
  • 1 Health Potion
  • 1 Rejuvenation Potion
  • This Battleground Is Ours!
  • Daily repeatable
  • Available from level 20
  • Kumas's Victor Chest
  • 10 Silver
  • 700 Bellicarium Credits
  • 2500 Bellicarium Reputation Credits