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Patch 50 – Attack of the Dragons

In patch 50, ‘Attack of the Dragons’, the core of the action takes place around the destroyed entrance to the Harrowhold. Join a 30-man raid group through four different stages to take on the ancient dragon Vergos and his spawn! If you manage to defeat these powerful adversaries, there are great rewards waiting to be collected, such as etchings IV, a new brooch plus an improvement to your VM8 gear.

In addition to the new raid and various related changes to class and interface elements, you can also look forward to an overhauled GvG feature. That’s to say nothing of the numerous changes to the Archer, free flight for the remaining areas of Arborea, and some fresh changes to the TERA Club membership!

Vergos the Great

In TERA’s very first 30-person raid, you are tasked with defeating the dragons around the ruined entrance to the Harrowhold, before they manage to reopen it.

The instance is divided into four phases which will see you face off against one or more dragons at a time.

  • Each character can complete each phase in every dungeon once per week.
  • For example, if you complete phase 1 on Friday, you’ll receive the respective loot plus a record under “P” > “Instances".
  • You can now decide whether to enter the dungeon again on the same day or wait for the following day to take on phase 2.
  • Phases already completed will be reset at 5 AM on Thursday.

More details regarding the loot and the individual phases of the battle can be found in a separate preview over the coming weeks.

Challenging Other Guilds: GvG is Back

In summer, we temporarily deactivated the ability to challenge other guilds to a contest. Now that the system has been reworked, it will return after the introduction of the guild wars for Velika. Patch 50 once again gives you the opportunity to challenge other guilds and determine who is the greatest!

  • The guild master and other members with the corresponding permissions can declare a guild war.
  • Each guild can have a maximum of three simultaneous GvGs, and be challenged by other guilds a maximum of 20 times.
  • Each guild can only pursue one war against any individual guild. Once challenged, hostilities start within 5 minutes.
  • Guild members from hostile guilds cannot form parties during the GvG, and may combat one another anywhere in the world where PvP is permitted.
  • The cost of declaring a GvG depends on the size of the guild. In addition to the initial costs of declaration, there is a fee for each hour of hostilities.
  • GvGs remain active until there is insufficient gold in the guild bank to pay for its upkeep, the war declaration is retracted, or the opposing guild capitulates.


Ready to Raid

To ensure the 30-player raid battles against Vergos run as smoothly as possible, certain components of the raid system are being changed. For one thing, the menu for organising raid parties has been expanded. For another, various existing class skills will be altered to better support the new raid group constellations.


  • Regeneration Circle and Kaia’s Shield are now cast with priority on characters with the lowest HP.
  • Blessing of Shakan, Blessing of Arun and Mana Charge are now cast on up to 30 players.


  • Infusion Ring is now cast on up to 30 players.


  • Velik's Mark now applies to all archers including themselves.


  • Challenging Shout now guarantees aggro for 5 seconds.


  • Battle Cry now guarantees aggro for 5 seconds.


  • Fiery Rage now guarantees aggro for 5 seconds if Intimidation is active.

Class changes which are unrelated to the 30-player raid groups will be detailed in the patch notes.

Raid Parties

The interface for raid groups has been overhauled to be able to display the increased number of members.

  • Up to six groups will now be displayed.
  • Added option to display your own group normally or also as a raid group.
  • Added options for displaying/completely hiding group member buffs/debuffs:
    • Class skill buffs
    • Combat supply buffs (potions etc.)
    • All debuffs
    • All removable debuffs
  • The leader of a raid group can grant permission to others for inviting more players (from the guild or friends list).

Changes to the Archer

After the Sorcerer’s renaissance in ‘Portentous Rebirth’, it’s time for the Archer to receive a small trove of refinements in ‘Attack of the Dragons’. Storm into battle with not just two, but a whole range of improved skills!

Radiant Arrow / Penetrating Arrow

  • Increased skill damage by 25%.
  • Skill animation changed.

Rain of Arrows

  • Increased skill damage by 10%.
  • The location (from in front, the side or behind) is determined by the first hit and remains unaffected by the player and target’s positions.
  • Skill animation changed.


  • Now carried out in the direction of movement.

Rapid Fire

  • Tripled damage of the first hit.
  • Increased damage of second to seventh hits by 10%.
  • Each hit adds a stack of Focus.
  • Glyph - Empowered Rapid Fire: Increases skill damage by 20%.
  • Glyph - Persistent Rapid Fire: 15% chance to eliminate cooldown.

Poison Arrow

  • Increased skill cast speed by 70%.

Sniper's Eye

  • Damage to bosses was previously increased by 5%. Damage to all monsters is now increased by 7%.

Final Salvo

  • This skill's previous five attacks will be reduced to a single attack.
  • The skill's single attack now causes 40% more damage than the five hits combined.
  • Provides three stacks of Focus.
  • Skill animation changed.
  • Glyph - Persistent Final Salvo: Reduces cooldown by 25%.


  • Increased skill damage by 100%.
  • Added buff from noctenium infusion.
  • Glyph of Carving: Doubles/triples the chance to crit.

Breakaway Bolt

  • Now carried out in the direction of movement.

Explosion Trap

  • Increased skill damage by 20%.

Ensnaring Trap

  • Hitting the skill key while this is still in flight will cause it to explode.
  • If any type of monster is hit by the explosion, it reduces their movement speed by 90%. Other players are only slowed by 20%.
  • Skill animation changed.

New: Find Weakness

  • For 8 seconds, the archer’s next attack counts as being an attack from behind, irrespective of whether the character is in front, to the side or behind the enemy.

New: Chase

  • Allows the archer to charge in a certain direction.