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Patch Preview: Guild Wars

Here comes the latest from Patch 47! In addition to the reworked guild menus and the new guild skills, this patch introduces a brand-new system for conducting guild wars. Join your guild in conquering the past and securing your dominance for the future!

Guild wars take place for two hours every Saturday from 8 PM. Before the war itself, participating guilds need to erect a tower in Velika’s past. During the battle, this tower must be defended at all costs from the other guilds.

The guild with the last outpost standing at the end of the war can claim victory. Amongst the spoils of war, the victors can lay claim to Velika’s tax receipts, and pass these around to the individual members as guild gold.

More details on the rewards can be found later in this preview.

Features of Velika’s Civil Unrest

In the past of Velika, the theatre for the guild wars, you need to be aware of a number of special features. For one thing, there are limitations affecting the mounts which players can summon. Riding regular or flying mounts is not possible in the area, and only special mounts such as Topthorn can be used. Topthorn can be acquired from the region’s merchants.

In order to minimise potential performance issues resulting from having so many players in the same region at the same time, all characters will receive similar-looking gear. Costumes, back and head decorations, plus all shape changes will be hidden in the past. This only affects the graphical elements, however, and stats remain unaffected by these purely cosmetic changes. If you’d rather play with the full unrestricted graphics settings, you’ll find an option at the bottom of the game settings which allows you to turn this automatic throttling off.

In order to travel to the past, you need to speak to Brahaem the GvG Guide in Velika. He can teleport you there, or simply show you the leaderboards from recent battles.

Weekly Guild Wars

Guilds wishing to take part in guild wars must meet two requirements. Firstly, guilds must reach guild level 20 before they have permission to erect an outpost. Secondly, they need to acquire a design in Velika for this outpost, before they travel into the past.

Building Outposts

Each guild can erect an outpost at any time before the start of the war, however the tower can only be dismantled again by the person who erected it initially. Towers cannot be removed during guild wars either, so consider the location of your tower carefully before you erect it.

Each guild may only erect one outpost. Towers remain invincible outside of the guild wars. When erecting an outpost, the following restrictions should be considered:
  • Towers cannot be built within 10 metres of an obstacle
  • Towers cannot be built within 100 metres or an enemy tower
  • Towers cannot be build on uneven ground

The War in Maps

Guild wars take place once a week, every Saturday between 8 PM and 10 PM. During this time, the map will display various information useful to your guild’s success.

In addition to your own position, the map will also highlight the location of your tower. As soon as one of your guild members has attacked an enemy outpost, this will also appear on your map. Hovering your mouse over the tower marker on the map will bring up various additional details.

The total number of towers still standing is displayed, including any towers you haven’t discovered yet. The remaining time for the war can also be seen on the map.


To make it easier to coordinate your guild’s efforts, you have access to five additional markers which you can place on the map. That way you can highlight specific targets for your guild to attack, or indicate that your own outpost needs to be defended. You can also use the tokens to bring attention to particular dangers, or set rally points for your troops. The final token doesn’t send any specific message, but you could use this if you’re coordinating your efforts via TeamSpeak or some other communication channel, for example.

The War Begins

On the battlefield proper, any player who isn’t a member of your own guild is your enemy: it’s a real dog-eat-dog world. The aim of the war is to destroy all enemy towers and be the last guild remaining with a surviving outpost. If two or more towers survive the full two hours, then the war is considered a tie, and all the taxes waiting in the prize fund will be rolled over to next week’s war.

If you die in the war zone, you’ll respawn in your guild’s tower, assuming it still exists. In the area around your own tower, you also receive a buff which boosts your defence stats.

Extra Rewards

Defend your tower to the bitter end to claim victory in the guild war, and reap the rewards of fame and fortune, not to mention all that gold in the tax collector’s kitty. Each guild can glean additional rewards from the BAMs which appear at random.

During the battle, powerful enemies occasionally make an appearance on the battlefield, their arrival accompanied by a chat message announcement. When that happens, you’ll have to weigh up the benefits of sending some of your forces to hunt down the BAM, against defending your tower against the oncoming attackers, or maybe even taking advantage of the distraction to take down an enemy outpost.

If you and your guild manage to kill a BAM, your group will be rewarded with Imperator gear and gold. And ‘kill’ really is the operative word here – the guild which lands the final blow gets to keep all the rewards! Wise guilds will try to clear the area of enemies before taking down the monster.

In addition to the physical rewards, everyone in your guild will receive a buff for half an hour which will serve you well for your efforts in the guild war. The following BAMs are waiting to rear their ugly heads:

Lavathus, Lord of the Lake
Lavathus appears after 30 minutes’ combat. Defeating him will provide a buff which increases defence by 20%.

Drakhan, Tyrant of Gidd Mountain
Drakhan appears after 60 minutes’ combat. The guild which slays the tyrant receives a buff which increases attack power by 5% and HP by 10%.

Kaithan, King of Crabs
Kaithan appears after 90 minutes’ combat. The crab king provides a buff which increases both attack speed and critical hit chance by 20%.

Defend your tower, kill-steal your opponents’ BAMs, conquer Velika and stamp your guild’s name in the history books. Build on your victories in the past to secure your guild’s dominance for the future!