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Reputation Guide

Reputation first becomes important when you reach level 58 and arrive at the ‘Pathfinder Post’, where a message is displayed stating ‘Now acquainted with [Invalesco]’. From this point on, quests in specific regions grant reputation points, which will increase your standing with the different merchants in that zone. You can be acquainted with a region before a certain level, but only at level 58 will you be able to do the respective quests. The higher your ‘standing’, the more you can buy special items and equipment from these merchants!


TERA_ReputationGuide_02An overview of the factions and the player’s reputation with each

The Basics of the Reputation System

There are 8 different factions among which you can gain reputation:

  • The Hyderad Legacy in the Veritas District
  • Invalesco in Val Tirkai
  • Shariar in the Helkan District
  • The Valsekyr Hunt in Val Kaeli
  • The Hands of Velika in Velika
  • Agnitor during the Nexuses
  • The Unified Theory Institute in Allemantheia
  • The Jax Trust in Cutthroat Harbor

Aside from the normal (yellow) quests you do in the various zones (excluding Velika, the Nexuses, Jax Trust and Unified Theory Institute), you’ll be able to gather reputation points and credits doing daily quests, with a maximum of 10 such quests per day (20 quests for TERA Club members).

In order to see which region you’re acquainted with and how many points have been gathered, press ‘P’ and select ‘Reputation’. The different factions and your standing with them are then displayed.

The number of completed daily quests can be seen by pressing ‘L’ and viewing the ‘Daily Quest’ tab.

Gathered ‘reputation credits’ can be used to buy jewellery, crystals, equipment and much more.


Reputation Ranks and Their Meaning

Each zone has a different stance towards you depending on how often and how much you have helped them out. There are eight different ranks:

Suspicious (3000 reputation needed to advance )
Apprehensive  (6000 reputation needed to advance )
Wavering          (9000 reputation needed to advance )
Neutral             (12000 reputation needed to advance )
Favourable      (15000 reputation needed to advance )
Friendly            (20000 reputation needed to advance )
Trusted             (25000 reputation needed to advance )
Revered           ( maximum rank achieved )

Daily quests can be done starting at ‘Wavering’ status, when two possible quests become available. For every additional rank, one more quest will be added, the maximum being 5 quests. However, this varies among certain factions: The details can be found in the table below.

The range of items and equipment you can buy from the different vendors also depends on your rank. For some, a ‘Neutral’ rank suffices, whereas others require you to be ‘Revered’ with that faction.

TERA_ReputationGuide_07A possible quest for the Hyderad Legacy


Number of quests for each reputation rank   

Valsekyr Hunt--222222
Hyderad Legacy--234555
Hands of Velika22334455
Jax Trust----4455
Unified Theory Institute----4455



The Factions and Their Items

The items from each faction are different. Some factions have items that are more suitable for tanking classes, while others may have earrings that would be good for the damage-dealing classes.

The Hyderad Legacy specialise in items for healing classes. It is the only faction which provides players with a ring featuring an ‘Increases healing by 5%’ stat, as well as crystals which improve the MP pool.

The Invalesco have green crystals, which add more power to your stats or increase your resistance to critical hits. They also have an earring that raises your HP by 3810!

The Shariar specialise in damage. Their ring has an ‘Inflicts an additional 1.5% damage on target hit’ stat, and their crystals boost your Impact Factor and Crit Rate!

The Valsekyr Hunt focus on the tanking classes. Their ring features a ‘Collects 1.5% additional aggro on target hit’ stat, and their items increase Balance and the HP pool.

Purchasable pieces of jewellery feature a ‘Crystal socket’, in which ‘green crystals’ can be placed.

For Nexus/Agnitor credits, you can buy Master Enigmatic Scrolls and a mount, as well as enchantable equipment!

The Jax Trust and Unified Theory Institute offer different equipment parts, either with a bonus stat for your class, or to be used as enchantment fodder.


The different jewellery that can be bought


A Special Zone – Val Kaeli

Val Kaeli is a very special zone in regard to the reputation system, as it is the only place where reputation points and credits can be gathered even if all the daily quests have been completed.

Almost every mob in that area gives 25 reputation points and 1 reputation credit, which makes it quite simple to reach the rank necessary to buy the different crystals and ring.

In addition, there are special mobs that respawn every 30 minutes and drop 450 reputation points and 25 credits, as well as BAMs that drop more reputation points and credits than usual!

TERA_ReputationGuide_05A map of Val Kaeli with some of the special mob spawn points marked


TERA_ReputationGuide_05_new_01The Black Leopard mount and a pirate hat

A Special Mount and Headgear

A special NPC awaits you in Velika: The ‘Hands of Velika Beastmaster’ has five quests that you have to complete in order to tame this ‘Black Leopard’!

Each quest is a special task you have to accomplish for this leopard, including providing food for it, creating a saddle, and simply having an emergency sedative with you!

The necessary items have to be bought from various faction vendors. But be advised that only those with very high standing among the different factions will be allowed to buy these special materials!

The items you’ll need:

  • Morpheutic Draught’ from the ‘Hands of Velika
  • Cowl Harness’ from the ‘Valsekyr Hunt
  • Supple Noruk Leather‘ from ‘Shariar
  • Tirkai Grizzly Steak’ from ‘Invalesco
  • Silvervine Branch’ from the ‘Hyderad Legacy

Once these five quests have been completed, a new quest will pop up, which will give you ‘Riding Skill: Black Leopard’!

Did you notice the fancy pirate hat the character in the picture is wearing? That and similar headgear can be unlocked from ‘Meruma’ in Velika, who lets you buy all kinds of strange hats, if you have the reputation for it.




Hot Pink Popo Hat


Green Party Hat 


Yellow Starling Nestcap


Dread Pirate's Dark Hat


Hat of Sweet Dreams 


Green Feathered Hat







The Vanguard Initiative – Daily Gaming

Starting from level 13 you can receive reputation points for completing daily tasks. Logging in daily and completing quests can unlock special buffs and rewards for you.

Daily Quests

The Vanguard Initiative overview can be opened by pressing the "H" key or the speaker symbol below the radar. Here you'll find any uncompleted quests as well as the current status of other bonuses.

Quests are divided into four colors: red is for the main quests in Fate of Arun, blue is for group/instance quests, green for dailies and yellow for PvP-related quests.

In addition to experience, gold and reputation points, completing quests will also earn you Vanguard Badges (with a daily limit per quest type). There's a weekly bonus reward for 20 Vanguard Badges which can grant you additional gold, feedstock or crystal boxes containing valuable level 65 crystals.

The reputation credits you earn can be exchanged for various chests, crystals and Masterwork Alkahest from the Reputation Merchants in Highwatch – all of which makes completing daily quests a profitable little venture!

Roll Call

There are also bonuses up for grabs for logging in every day. After a mere three days per week you can already unlock additional buffs for every character on your account:

  • Log in three days in one week to receive an effect which boosts your movement speed by 20 when not in combat.
  • Log in five days in one week to receive an effect which increases your health by 5%.
  • Log in every day in one week to receive an effect which increases your power by 6%.

Logging in every day doesn't only make you faster, it also grants you powerful bonuses for combat.