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RK-9 Kennel

The RK-9 Kennel is the location where deadly robots are assembled, terrible killing machines programmed to make your life a living hell – or to put a painful end to it! Follow Randun the rogue scientist and discover the secret behind his megalomania. Can you survive his dangerous traps unscathed? Or will the kennel become your final resting place? Use the teleportals to move between the rooms, and take down Ventarun, Hexapleon and Randun’s masterpiece – RK-9.


Normal mode Hard mode
For 5-player groups
Teleportal in Val Oriyn > Spring Valley > near the Amadjuak Trading Post
Min. required item level 439 Not included in patch 61
Accessible from level 65
3 Bosses
1 daily entries, 2 for club members Not included in patch 61

Note: Patch 61 contains the normal version of the dungeon. Patch 62 coming in November will bring the hard mode and with it a much tougher challenge to beat!


This sentinel robot is your first opponent in the kennel. He’ll great you with a large AoE attack aimed at players either near or far, so keep on your toes!

Ventarun’s favored weapons are two cylindrical hammers, which he spins around, crushing things left and right, or bringing them down from above with immense force.

The boss will place bombs in the area at regular intervals (or two bombs, once he drops below 50% HP). These explode within 10 seconds and should be destroyed as quickly as possible. Bombs which explode inflict high damage on all party members, but also add a debuff which removes a percentage of your health every second.

At 85% HP, Ventarun activates his security protocols. Once activated, he will move into the center of the area and fire four energy projectiles into the air.

These projectiles conglomerate and smash into the ground shortly after the arrival of the fourth energy sphere. Your only hope of survival is to jump off the arena at the right moment. While falling, you will be teleported back above the boss, thus avoiding all of the projectiles.

One final special attack can be seen once Ventarun drops to 55% HP. The boss charges across the arena, targeting areas around him and dealing massive damage to them!

En route to the second boss you must navigate the magnetic research device, dodging laser beams and activating the four magnetic field dampers!


Having successfully navigated the magnetic research device, you get to face Hexapleon the Overlord.

During the entire battle (after Hexapleon drops to 96% HP), huge industrial hammers will crash down around the edge of the fighting area.

As soon as you see the hammer falling, move out of the zone marked out on the ground as it will inflict lethal damage. Look out for the blue areas on the ground – as long as they are in one location, there won’t be any hammer falls.

Whatever happens, don’t stand still for too long. The boss will occasionally places energy spheres at your locations which fire off lasers in four directions after a short charging period.

Overview of other basic attacks:



RK-9 is Randun’s true robotic masterpiece, the perfect blend of technological craftsmanship and magical energy, and so devastatingly powerful that even he himself cannot control it. This fusion of heartless machine and divine magic will drive you to the very edge!

RK-9’s control over the remote flying fists gives him a range of destructive attacks to use.

At 85% HP, RK-9 will repeatedly create a protective shield around him. You must destroy the shield as quickly as possible, or the entire party will perish in an ocean of pain. Breaking through the shield, however, will briefly stun the boss.

Once at 80% HP, RK-9 activates a radar system enabling him to carry out a flurry of attacks both ahead and behind him.

He also targets individual players with special zones which deal a large amount of damage in a wide area.

Master RK-9’s attack patterns, take him to pieces and stop the infernal machine!