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Shadow Sanguinary

In our first preview of the upcoming instances, we're putting the spotlight on the Shadow Sanguinary. This instance contains one of the toughest challenges in the new patch, and is available in both normal and hard modes. Take on Dakuryon in the final battle and defeat him once and for all!

Dungeon Factsheet:

  • For 5-player groups
  • Teleportal at Highwatch Outskirts
  • Min. item level of 409/414 required
  • Accessible from level 65
  • 3 bosses
  • 1 daily entry, 2 for TERA Club members

For additional information with animated images, please have a look at this guide in our forums by community member xxlemonbunnyxx!


After arriving in an area surrounded by pillars, you'll head along a passageway adorned with crystalline formations to reach the first boss, the Pahoegar.

Given that you're supposed to evade this colossus' blows, his attacks will be clearly signalised.

In one example, the Shadow Golem fires a beam of pure energy at a random player whose name is displayed on screen. In another move, the golem charges at the player with the highest aggro, his left arm outstretched, bowling down any players he meets on the way.

At intervals the golem will lunge out left to right multiple times, dashing forwards as he does so. Other attacks include ground pounds in front of him, and a roundhouse attack which pushes players away.

Once you've defeated the Pahoegar, you will automatically set up a magic stone designed to prevent Dakuryon from escaping.

Afterwards it's off down another crystalline passage, lined with dangerous-looking red stalagmites. At the end of the passage you'll be greeted by a group of archdevas waiting with a surprise: projectiles that shoot out of the ground, dealing heavy damage! You'll need to keep on your toes during this fight to avoid being hit.


In comparison to Pahoegar and his variety of largely physical attacks, Dakuryon mostly employs magic allowing him to reach almost the entire combat area.

Be prepared for cone attacks directly in front of Dakuryon, as well as circular AoE attacks at a distance. In particular you'll need to keep your eyes peeled for the laser beam which you can only dodge with skills, being too slow on your feet to outrun it!

Another precarious moment arises once Dakuryon moves to the middle of the room and colourful triangles appear on the ground. Rush over and stand on the single blue triangle as quickly as possible, before the razor-sharp red crystals shoot out of the ground.

Dakuryon also has the ability to steer magical spheres around the place which inflict damage when touched. There will only be one sphere to start with, but soon you'll have multiple balls of doom floating around the arena for you to avoid.

Towards the end of the fight, Dakuryon will start to extract energy from the bloodshards in the walls. Be quick to interrupt him before you suffer a fatal blow!

Once Dakuryon feels his life force ebbing away, he'll attempt to teleport to safety. Fortunately, the magic stone you set up in the previous area will prevent him from escaping too far, instead only managing to withdraw deeper into his sanctuary. Follow him down and behold the results of his previous grisly experiments as you descend.

The archdevas before the sanctuary doors are there to stall you long enough for Dakuryon to prepare himself for your arrival – vexed by your impudence, he injects himself directly in the heart with one of his experimental concoctions, sparking a mutation. The ultimate fight against him starts once you jump from the platform!


Ultimate Dakuryon employs much of the skill set from his previous form, but the boost in power has also provided him with some new ones.

His weapon's range is increased, and he's able to plant AoE attacks directly beneath you.

Certain attacks, such as the energy wave which he uses to push back all players in one half of the area, inflict a debuff which continuously saps health. This can – and should – be removed by your healer as quickly as possible.

When the Imperator summons his servants, you need to eliminate them as quickly as possible. After a short casting time, he'll transform them into immobile monsters which fire magical spheres through the area.

As soon as Dakuryon transforms his servants, rush over to his position before he erects a barrier around himself. Anyone left outside this energy barrier will suffer massive damage; everyone else will have to dance to Dakuryon's tune according to the various patterns which appear on the ground, if they're to avoid taking damage.

The attack patterns presented are just a small teaser of Ultimate Dakuryon's unbridled ferocity. Aside from these moves, he's got plenty of other nefarious tricks up his sleeve.






  • Ambush Dakuryon's Sanctuary
  • 25 Tier 9 Feedstock
  • 250 Gold
  • 50 Vanguard Initiative Credits
  • 85 Noctenium Infusions
  • Ambush Dakuryon's Sanctuary (Hard)
  • 25 Tier 10 Feedstock
  • 320 Gold
  • 60 Vanguard Initiative Credits
  • 140 Noctenium Infusions

Listed Rewards might not yet be final.




  • Revenge is Mine
  • Defeat Ultimate Dakuryon.
  • I Could Do This All Day!
  • Defeated Imperator 10 times.
  • Awards the title: Dakuryon's Bane
  • I can read your pattern
  • Defeat the Shadow Golem within 4 minutes.
  • Disgusting, but I have no choice!
  • Defeat 100 Cursed Archdevas.
  • Judge, it is not the arrow that pierced me
  • Defeat 5 Archdevan Archers.
  • Judge, it is not the lance that pierced me
  • Defeat 5 Archdevan Knights.
  • Judge, it is not the sword that pierced me
  • Defeat 5 Archdevan Warriors.
  • My guts are telling me, it's a demokron - complete the following achievements:
  • Judge, it is not the arrow that pierced me
  • Judge, it is not the lance that pierced me
  • Judge, it is not the sword that pierced me

Please note that the names listed here for both modes may differ from the names in the game.




  • Ultimate Victory
  • Defeat Nightmare Ultimate Dakuryon.
  • Annihilation
  • Defeat Nightmare Ultimate Dakuryon 10 times.
  • Hundredfold Vengeance
  • Defeat Nightmare Ultimate Dakuryon 100 times.
  • Awards the title: Dakuryon's Nemesis
  • Blood Magic
  • Defeat the Elite Shadow Golem without being hit by the Deformed Magic Stone.
  • Blood Zodiac
  • Defeat Nightmare Dakuryon without being hit by the Cursed Archdeva.
  • Lover of Black Magic
  • Hit by a Dark Orb 50 times.

Please note that the names listed here for both modes may differ from the names in the game.