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Shattered Fleet

This preview revolves around the Shattered Fleet, an instance which can once more be accessed, having returned from the depths of the ocean in new splendor. Send Mulmok and Fina back into the abyss, before taking on the final boss Barbosa!

Dungeon Overview:

  • For 5-player groups
  • Teleportal on the Jagged Coast
  • Min. item level of 187 required
  • Accessible from level 65
  • 3 bosses
  • 1 daily entry, 2 for TERA Club members

Rescue the shipwreck survivors from the boss monsters who've taken over the fleet!


As soon as you enter the instance you'll clamber aboard the first ship to find a group of surviving crew members begging for your help. On closer inspection, however, it becomes clear that this is a cunning ruse, and the putative sailors are nothing more than mutated monsters lying in wait!

The fight against Mulmok isn't very difficult as long as you quickly dispatch the extra monsters, since they can deal a fair amount of damage on the weight of sheer numbers.

Powder Monkey

When Mulmok drops to 90% HP, the Powder Monkey will appear on deck every 15 seconds and plant bombs around the place which explode on a short fuse. Make sure to keep your distance.

When the Powder Monkey reappears on deck, he'll say the sentence "Prepare to meet your maker, [name]!" He will then push the targeted player back and lay some new bombs. The Power Monkey has a lot of health and quickly disappears after each outing, so you're be better off concentrating on Mulmok and killing him quickly. This applies doubly, since Mulmok will receive a further charge of the effect "Mulmok's Rage" if you kill the Powder Monkey.

Summoned Monsters

When Mulmok is reduced to 80%, 60%, 40% and 20% HP, monsters will appear all over the deck. Defeat these as quickly as possible to avoid the constant damage they inflict on your group. Otherwise they will be absorbed into Mulmok after 30 seconds, each one restoring his health by 2%!

Note: Just because Mulmok has been healed by his minions doesn't mean that new monsters will be summoned when his health reaches one of the threshold percentages again.


Mulmok's Rage

When Mulmok's health drops to 75%, 50% and 25%, he applies the effect "Mulmok's Rage" to himself. This effect makes the boss stronger and cannot be removed.

Avoid the bombs, slay the summoned sailors, and the fight against Mulmok should be a walk in the park!




After defeating Mulmok it's time to literally walk to the plank over to the next ship and face the next challenge – Fina!

Fina has a range of crab-style attacks, throwing blows with her pincers, spraying poisonous acid and putting nearby enemies to sleep.

Small Crabs

During the fight, Fina will summon waves of four miniature crabs. These should be exterminated quickly, before ever more join the fray. Their rapid scurrying around can quickly get you into dire straits with their sheer number!


Dangerous Devices

Once Fina drops below 90% HP she will summon three "Dangerous Devices" in the area. To begin with these are surrounded with a red circle which gives Fina a beneficial effect when standing inside it. The effect can stack up to 10 times, increasing her power and defense by 5 each time.

Players need to attack these devices to toggle them. Damage a device sufficiently and the circle will turn blue, applying the effect detailed above to any players within the circle instead of Fina!

Caution: From 80% HP Fina will go along attempting to convert the blue devices back into red ones in turn. Since players can still toggle them back to their side, she will continue to patrol the area and check whether the circles are red or not.

Once you've defeated Fina, you can cool down with a quick swim through the cold waters to the next ship, which can be boarded by climbing a ladder.




Barbosa makes no bones about being severely angered by your appearance. He has a variety of powerful attacks at his disposal which can inflict some serious on unwary players!


Barbosa pounds the ground in front of him alternately left and right, or makes swipes to the middle in front of him from left or right.

Barbosa also pushes back nearby players when attacking them with both fists.








Backwards Leap

Barbosa smashes the ground with both fists, then leaps backwards with full force behind his previous position. Be sure to keep your wits about you if you're standing there!

Just to spice things up, he will also occasionally jump back to his original starting position.

Targeted Ground Eruption

A sudden burst of energy around Barbosa signals the start of this attack. A player is targeted, and an eruption of energy manifests itself in a beam of energy that unloads on the player.

Mini-Event 1: Unstable Sorcerers

A number of times during the battle, an Unstable Sorcerer will be summoned in each of the four corners of the deck, targeting a single player each time. They fire orbs which have a high chance of pushing the player around and causing a certain amount of damage.

During this phase, Barbosa cannot be attacked. Players must aim to defeat the four sorcerers quickly, so as to relieve the player on the receiving end and be able to continue killing the boss.

Mini-Event 2: Power of Darkness

When Barbosa says "Darkness, I summon you!", the area darkens and gives Barbosa a boosting effect for 30 seconds which greatly enhances his attacks. The main thing to do now is to pay attention to your health!

Tipp Between the call "Darkness, I summon you!" and the start of the effect, you'll have 5 seconds in which to injure Barbosa and interrupt him!




  • Tier 6 Wroth Hands and Feet
  • Cosmoshard
  • Tic Earring
  • Time Necklace
  • Tier 6 Feedstock
  • Inferno Ore
  • Rageblade Shard & Fragment
  • Titan's Ember & Ease
  • Crystal Box
  • Brooches
  • Ancient Wish
  • Master Enigmatic Scroll
  • Elleon's Mark of Valor
  • Veteran Masterwork Alkahest
  • Fashion Coupons
  • Design: Inferno Metal
Loot composition is subject to change.

Vanguard Initiative Quest



  • Assault the Shattered Fleet
  • 60 Tier 6 Feedstock
  • 50 Gold
  • 45 Vanguard Initiative Reputation Points




  • Eliminate The Red Pirate
  • Defeat Barbosa
  • Rewards the title: Ship-Shape
  • To Be The Pirate King
  • Defeat Barbosa 10 times.
  • Ahoy, Ahoy!
  • Defeat the Powder Monkey.
  • A Pirate's Life For Me
  • Get "Piratical Bent" 10 times.
  • The Honor of a Quick Death
  • Defeat Barbosa in 3 minutes or less.

High resolution images:

Dungeon Overview