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TERA Club & Dragon’s Flame

Dragon’s Flame and Banyaka's Rootlocked Treasure

As with the Teleport Scroll: Premium-only Area, you'll be able to make use of another item in your skill bar once each day when the patch arrives: Dragon’s Flame. From the moment you receive it, it will be available for use in your inventory for 24 hours. Use it to get your hands on the goodies inside Banyaka's Rootlooked Treasure, which you have a 50% chance of finding in the Ghillieglade. Tightly bound by Banyaka's powerful roots, the chest cannot be opened by ordinary means. Heat the chest in Dragon’s Flame, however, and you'll singe the roots and unlock Banyaka's Treasure.


You can open this chest by right-clicking. There's a wealth of valuable items inside. More details can be found here:

Guaranteed Rewards per Treasure:

Amount Item Amount Item
5 - 10 Veteran Masterwork Alkahest 100 Adapted Noctenium Infusion
1 Goddess's Tear 2 - 3 Goldfinger Token

Possible additional rewards:

Amount Item Amount Item
1 - 2 Goddess's Tear 2 - 3 Quatrefoil Base
15 - 25 Titan's Ease 15 - 25 Titan's Ember
1 Veteran Semi-Enigmatic Scroll 1 - 2 Master Enigmatic Scroll
1 Universal Additive 1 Expert's Additive
1 - 2 Goddess' Blessing 1 Specialist's Additive
1 Vergos’s Head 1 Liberation Scroll
5 Goldfinger Token 200 - 250 Fashion Coupon
1 50 Vanguard Reputation Points 1 Magnificent Costume Box
1 - 2 Behemoth Essence 1 Superior Etching Box
1 Rare Battle Pack

Possible Magnificent Costume Box content:

Item Item
Smart Box with a Steampunk Outfit (permanent) Smart Box with Maid's or Butler's Uniform (Permanent)
Wonder Smart Box for Dreamers (Permanent) Wonder Smart Box for Crazies (Permanent)
Smart Box with Cheshire Cat (Permanent) Smart Box with Bygone Halloween Costume (Permanent)
Smart Box with Snowsuit Smart Box: Spring Breeze Hanbok (Permanent)
Smart Box: Chromatic Brainy Bear (Permanent) Smart Box: Nightwalker Armor (Permanent)
Smart Box: Barons' Costume (permanent)