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Corsairs' Stronghold

Have you ever dreamt of just getting into a tank and driving around shooting giant fireballs at your enemies? Now you can do exactly this!

With this guide we strive to explain the workings of the upcoming 20vs20 battleground, as well as the rewards you can get out of it. It’s the first time in the history of TERA that siege weapons are available, and, with a lot of practice and some well-developed tactics, you can make the most out of it!


Queuing up for the Corsairs’ Stronghold

Level Requirement

Every player at or above level 30 can participate! Once you hit level 30, you can choose to enter this battleground and be automatically grouped with 19 other players!

Party Matching:

Joining via this option allows you and your party of up to 5 of your friends to join the battleground matchmaking system to join the fray.

Raid Matching:

This method allows you to team up with friends and guild members via TERA's raid function before even entering the Battleground menu. Once 20 of your friends and guild mates have grouped together, you can open up the Battleground menu and enlist for the Corsairs’ Stronghold.

Group Leader:

A group leader will automatically be chosen upon entering the battleground. This team leader can take advantage of a unique ability which highlights their foes on the game's map. Knowing the whereabouts of your opponents can mean the difference between victory and defeat, so be sure to utilise this ability as often as possible and see where your enemies will hit next!


Balanced Gear!

Mixing players from level 30 to 60 together is a difficult combination of armour stats, skills and glyphs. That is why in this new battleground all gear is balanced!

When level 30+ players enter this battleground, their equipment will automatically be adjusted in order to ensure a fair battle between all the participants.


Gain Levels while Killing Enemies!

Players below level 60 will be able to gain equipment while they participate in battle. There will also be daily quests which players automatically get upon entering the battleground and which will give gold and experience points. Upon reaching level 30, 40 and 50, players will get a quest with a “Victor’s Spoils” as well as gold and experience points as a reward.

Players will also get experience points at the end of each match depending on the score they achieved and the result of the match. The higher the score, the more experience points you can get!


Let the Battle Commence!

Having all been matchmade into the game, a 60 second timer will begin to count down, giving everyone a chance to load into the server without missing the start of the match. During this time you can roam around your team's spawn area, however the gates will remain shut, preventing you and your opposing team from taking interest points before everyone has loaded into the game. Use this time wisely, draw upon the mystical forces to cast spells and invoke the power of charms. Once the countdown ends, the gates will open and the battle will commence!

Each match will take a maximum of 30 minutes and is divided into 2 rounds: one time you will be attacking the fortress, and the next time you have to defend it against enemies.


Know Your Surroundings

Knowing the map and the assets at your disposal is a big advantage in this battleground! Will you take the blimp and fly over the enemy walls, or will you take a tank and attack their gates? Have a look at the map and we will explain the different assets at your disposal!



The Attacking Team

When on the attacking team, your role is to get inside the fortress and destroy the enemy crystal, called Anchorstone. Your team starts at the bottom left of the map  and has several means of getting to the enemy base:

  • You have blimps at your disposal, which you enter at your base and then fly right over the enemy walls. But pay attention – the other team might have players on the walls with tanks, which are able to shoot you down!
  • You can get into a tank and roll over the field with it, crushing everything in your path! Shoot fireballs at other players and at the gates in order to break in!
  • Last but not least, you can also run over the bridges and climb up the ladders in order to invade the fortress!

The Defending Team

Being on the defending team means you have to push the attacking team back with everything you’ve got and defend the Anchorstone until the bitter end!

  • You have tanks on your walls, enabling you to shoot down every enemy that approaches you in a blimp.
  • You have a secret tunnel on both sides of your fortress which you can use to sneak out of the Anchorstone room and right into the fray, surprising your enemies with your sudden appearance!
  • Mighty gates are there to stop the enemy team from invading you. Protect them for as long as you can.

Resurrection Pyres

There are three tactical locations on that map which give the team which controls them a huge advantage! Once such a pyre is under the control of a team, all the players from this team can resurrect at this point and do not have to start over in their base!

But pay attention! The enemy team can also go and capture these strategic points, taking your means of easy resurrection, and in doing so slowing your advances!


There are a total of six ladders the invading team can use in order to climb up the huge walls. The defending team should take care of these vulnerabilities in their defence and hinder every player that tries to ascend there!

The Different Symbols

RTEmagicC_resurrection_pyre_01.pngResurrection Pyre. You can conquer these pyres in order to have a resurrection point near the fortress, so that you don’t have to run the whole way again.
RTEmagicC_gate_closed_01.pngA closed, unbroken gate which can be attacked using tanks and normal skills.
RTEmagicC_gate_open_01.pngA broken gate, having been destroyed by the attacking side. Players can now go through this gate and enter the fortress.
RTEmagicC_blimp_01.pngA blimp flying around the map. You only see it on the map when you’re near it.
RTEmagicC_tank_01.pngA tank in your near vicinity. The icon will turn greyish when it is destroyed. You can repair destroyed tanks and use them again.


Siege Weapons

There are a variety of different vehicles you can take control of and use to move through the Corsairs’ Stronghold.


Using a tank is pretty easy – you only have to approach it and enter it using the “F”-key. Once inside, you can drive around with it using W, A, S, D just as you normally would.

Once in the tank, a giant cross-hair is visible in front of the tank, showing the zone of impact of the fireballs a tank can shoot. Using the mouse, you can aim at a target, then use the left mouse button to shoot.

Always pay attention to the HP of your tank! Once a tank is destroyed, the driver of it will die together with the tank. Leaving the tank using the “1” key will ensure that the driver will not die due to the explosion, and they can also immediately start to repair the destroyed tank.


Attackers can use blimps in order to fly over the walls and jump into the fortress. Up to 6 players can enter a blimp together, and once ready to depart, a single click on the left mouse button will start the engines.

The blimp will fly a predefined path to the fortress, and if not destroyed, will return to the starting position. After 30 seconds, players can choose to jump out of the blimp wherever they want.

Blimps too can be destroyed by an enemy tank. As such, again pay attention to the HP of your vehicle and jump out before it explodes and kills all the passengers.


Battleground User Interface

Get to know the different UI-elements which are displayed during a match!


The Anchorstone’s health bar:

The central element on the screen will be the amount of health left of the crystal. In the first round, you’ll see that there are two gauges which each indicate a number of 7000 HP. Depending on the outcome of the first round, this number will be changed if the attacking team manage to attack the crystal, or stay at 7000 if the defending team kept the last gate closed.


The remaining time of the current round is displayed above the Anchorstone’s life bar. For the first round, this counter will start at 15 minutes, for the second round it may begin with only 8 minutes if the previous round has been finished after 8 minutes.


How to score points

Flying around in your blimp and shooting fireballs at your enemy is all well and good, but even more interestingly, you can score points while doing so! Different actions in the game will affect your final score:

  • Killing a player = 300 points
  • Assisting with killing a player = 150 points
  • Destroying a tank = 500 points
  • Destroying a blimp = 500 points
  • Destroying a gate = 500 points
  • Capturing a pyre = 0 points


Victory has been declared. End of round and post-match

Once the attacking team destroys the Anchorstone, or the timer runs out, an overview of the performance of each team will be shown. Most of the information shown is straightforward and needs no further explanation, there are however a few points that are worth drawing attention to.

  • Match ranking ranks all of the players on either team from 1 to 20 in terms of how much they contributed towards their team’s victory. Player score is used to determine this.
  • The banner between the ranking and the character name indicates the team leader.
  • Destruction: The number of gates/tanks/blimps a player destroyed
  • Assists are awarded to players who deal damage to an opponent within 10 seconds prior to the opponent’s death.
  • Team leaders can receive an additional reward of 30 credits if they lead their team to victory


Bellicarium Credits and PvP Equipment

Every match you play provides you with a certain number of Bellicarium credits, depending on whether you won or lost the match, as well as your contribution in this match.

Bellicarium Merchants

Bellicarium merchants can be found in the three major cities - Velika, Allemantheia and Kaiator. In Velika you have to talk to Sinoeta in the Valkyon Federation Headquarters, in Allemantheia you have to talk to Tamira in the Allemantheia Headquarters, and in Kaiator it’s Zahv in the Kaiator Command Center you have to talk to.

The first few PvP-Equipment Parts – Victor’s set

The first “set” you can buy is pretty cheap, and provides good PvP-starting gear. For a total of 650 Bellicarium credits you can get the weapon, the armour as well as the gloves and the shoes. These can’t be enchanted, but have already quite a few good PvP-stats on them!

Enigmatic PvP Equipment – Fraywind Set

After they have the basic PvP-gear, players can focus on getting the more powerful enchantable gear. This gear can be enchanted up to +9.

Craft your Equipment – Conjunct Set

The conjunct set has to be crafted and is one of the most powerful PvP-sets there is. You’ll need to buy the recipe, as well as the equipment parts from both the Fraywind and Agnitor’s Nexus sets.

To craft the Conjunct weapon, a slayer will need the respective Fraywind weapon “Adversarial Steel” and the Agnitor’s Nexus “Mindslash”, as well as other items you can buy from the Bellicarium and Agnitor merchants.

The most powerful Equipment – Visionmaker Set

One of the ingredients needed to craft the Visionmaker set has to be bought with Bellicarium credits. The Visionmaker set is the currently most powerful set for both PvE and PvP encounters.

Uncommon glyphs

You can also buy “Honourable Glyph Boxes” for Bellicarium Credits, which can reward you with special glyphs!

Black Label Armour Templates

Bellicarium merchants also sell special templates for your equipment, which will clad you in completely black armour, giving you a most exclusive outfit!