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Patch 47, carrying the rather emblematic name ‘Battle for Velika’, has the guild system at its core. In addition to the weekly guild wars, there will be a number of changes to the guild system itself. For example, the patch will see the introduction of daily guild quests, as well as guild skills which will provide all guild members with certain bonuses.

Here are all the important details you can look forward to in the new system.


Budding guild founders will find it straightforward to create their guilds via the guild window (G), as long as the following conditions are met:
  • Your character must be level 8 or higher.
  • Be ready to spend 100 gold coins.
  • You must belong to a party with at least one other player. All party members will automatically be members of the newly created guild.
Afterwards, you will be asked to choose a name for your guild. This name cannot exceed 20 characters including spaces. Of course, you will have to make sure that this name respects the rules and sounds impressive enough to lead hundreds of people to victory!



Once your guild is created, you can customize it in multiple ways. First and foremost, you have the possibility to add an emblem which will be displayed above each member’s head. This emblem must be 64x64 pixels (24 bits) and be in .BMP format.

Once you have chosen your emblem, simply place it in your game folder (TERA\Client\S1Game\GuildLogoUpload\Example.bmp). Afterwards, you can talk to Leonad in the Velika Consul Office and choose your emblem! This process is free and your logo can be changed at any time.

Once your guild and emblem is ready, it is time to set up ranks for your guildmates! You have the possibility to use the basic ranks (Guildmaster / Recruits), but you can also grant additional rights to custom-made ranks and thus control who has the rights to invite other players in the guild, manage the guild bank or write a guild message.

The following permissions can be linked to specific offices and given to chosen members via the members tab in the guild window (G):
  • Permission to accept/decline applications
  • Permission to use the guild bank
  • Permission to create announcements
  • Permission to advertise the guild
  • Permission to accept/decline guild quests
  • Permission to use guild gold


With the introduction of Patch 47, guilds will be able to increase their level by completing daily quests.

Higher guild levels award skill points which the guild master can use to unlock new skills for all guild members!

At the start you’ll always need the same number of experience points to level up the guild. Above level 11, this point threshold will gradually increase, with your guild needing more and more experience for the higher the guild levels:


EXP per level

Total EXP required for band

1 ~ 10 each 250 2250
11 ~ 20 between 251 and 256 2528
21 ~ 30 between 256 and 269 2622
31 ~ 40 between 271 and 295 2821
41 ~ 50 between 298 and 335 3155


Guilds are divided into three different sizes: small, medium and large. The size of a guild has an impact on the type and/or difficulty of guild missions which can be completed.

Guild size is determined by the number of accounts belonging to it, rather then number of characters.

So if a guild has 40 characters, each from different accounts, it counts as small; guilds with between 40 and 80 accounts count as medium, and guilds with more than 80 accounts hit the threshold for large guilds.


Guild masters can activate up to five missions each day, which will then be listed in every member’s quest log. Officers with sufficient permissions are also able to choose missions for the guild.

Only one daily quest can be accepted at any one time, and the mission’s progress is displayed to each member, being common to all guild members.

Each guild mission has a timespan of several hours, during which time they must be completed. Even if a guild master cancels a quest, it still counts towards the daily limit.

For example:
Supply Request: Collect 1200 Pilka Fibers
Once the guild master starts this quest, every guild member can collect the raw material in the game world. The amount of fibers collected is visible to all members in the quest log.

If the guild master then cancels the quest, it counts towards the guild’s limit of five missions per day. If that was the first mission of the day, for instance, then the guild can only start four more missions that day.

Note: The number of completable quests is reset each day, together with the dungeon entries.

The rewards for completing daily guild quests comprise guild experience and gold. While missions for larger guilds generate a great deal more gold, the amount of experience gained differs only marginally to missions for smaller guilds.

One further type of guild mission is available, taking the form of special hunting quests to eliminate specific BAMs. These quests last for two hours and can only be completed by a single guild each day. If your guild manages to take out the monster without being distracted, there’ll be a mountain of guild gold and experience waiting, on top of the valuable loot!


Guild skills can be selected and activated by the guild master, and are available to every guild member thereafter.

Choose your guild skills wisely! Once you’ve activated a skill, it cannot be undone, and the points remain locked in permanently.

Skills are divided into two types. Most of the skills are passive to begin with, increasing stats like power or HP. Later skills can be used actively.

Not all skills are available for activation from the start, many requiring a certain guild level before they become available.

Below you’ll find a list of available skills. Simply move your cursor over the skills to display more information.


With the launch of patch 47, each guild will start off with 0 bank slots. The number of available slots can be increased above guild level 30, once the guild master has activated the respective skill in the guild menu.