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Transportation systems

The world of TERA is gigantic. In order to travel across the lands of Arun and Shara, many means of transportation are available to you. Sit down, relax, and enjoy the scenery!



Pegasus is a unique way to travel between the main cities and small villages. After paying a small fee, you will be sent out on this majestic creature, which will go through the dimensional portals to reach your destination as quickly as possible. The Pegasus network covers the main routes between and within the continents.






Flying Dragons

In the areas around the Amani capital, Kaiator, the last bastion before the Argon lines, Pegasus travel has been replaced by the hardier flying dragons to ensure safe travel.





Is there any need to explain the teleporters? In order to enter some dungeons, you will need to complete a quest and interact with these shiny objects to be teleported into the instance.




There are various mounts available to suit the individual taste of your character. Of course, some of these mounts have to be earned and have certain requirements. They also travel at varying speeds.

Click here for additional detail about flying mounts!







The “Village Atlas“ is the fastest method to travel between the different villages and continents. After a click on this item, the world map will show, and you can choose to teleport to one of the many villages in Arborea. After a short casting period, you’ll immediately be teleported to your chosen location.

With the Travel journal, you can create custom teleport points. All you have to do is to use this item, and click on “Add Location”. The exact coordinates you’re standing on will be saved and you can now teleport there at any given time. Need a teleport point in front of a daily quest location? Then this is the ideal item for you!