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Vault of Kaprima

Our first sneak preview of the upcoming instances starts with the Vault of Kaprima. This dungeon from the days of yore has been dusted off to appear in all new glory for level 65. Vanquish the terrible crab Agarta and the servant of darkness Kornus, before taking on the final boss in the form of Kaprima Reborn!

Dungeon overview:

  • For 5-player groups
  • Teleportal on Mistmoor Island
  • Min. item level of 410 required
  • Accessible from level 65
  • 3 bosses
  • 2 daily entries, 4 for club members

The Archdevas have resurrected Kaprima and are planning to use his powers to take over the region of Ostgarath. It's up to you to pack the smack down on Kaprima and deliver a crushing defeat to the Archdevas.

Agarta, Devourer at the Gate

The battle against the first boss begins shortly after entering the instance. There'll be a few soldiers and two groups of enemies to defeat on your way to this devilish crab.

Agarta employs similar attacks to other crab BAMs, taking advantage of the tight space to waste your HP. In addition there are a sharp and pointy spikes around the edge of the area which will inflict damage on any player who steps on them.


Agarta carries out a whole range of attacks with her two hefty pincers. Some blows are directed straight ahead (alternating left and right), one comes in from above, another is a roundhouse attack. A further attack combo is a series of six blows to the front, alternating left and right.

With the exception of the roundhouse, all of these attacks are directed straight ahead, and will only hit players standing in front of the crab.

Ground Slam

In this attack, Agarta launches herself into the air, flying in an arc to smash into the ground with full force and unleash a shockwave. This spreads through the whole area, but only those standing immediately next to Agarta when it happens will take damage.

Water Squirt

Agarta fires a jet of water straight ahead, inflicting damage on all players hit.


Mini-Event: Drills

As soon as Agarta has lost 10% HP, drills appear on two of the four walls. At certain intervals these will attack the players in different numbers:

  • 90%: 2 or 3 of the 8 drills spin up
  • 70%: 4 drills spin up
  • below 50%: random numbers and combinations of drills spin up

As soon as the drills start to spin up you'll need to find those which are stationary and position yourselves in front of them. After a few seconds the other drills will shoot out of the walls, inflicting damage and a harmful effect on all players they hit.

Caution: Agarta carries out a ground slam just before the drills shoot out of the walls, so don't try to hide behind the boss, but put some distance between yourself and the crab.


After defeating Agarta you'll be able to progress to the next boss. However, there are a few more Archdevan experiments waiting for you before the path is clear.


Before entering the gate you'll need to move the statues blocking your path. If you enter the red circle around the statues, you'll receive a harmful effect which reduces power and endurance, as well as causing continuous damage. There's one tip we can give you for the road – only normal attacks will move the statues to the side, other skills have no effect on them!



Once you've dealt with these, you'll be confronted with one further statue and some enemies. If you enter the statue's zone, the group members in the immediate vicinity will be sapped of MP. On top of that, a stream of priestesses will be summoned which cast a harmful effect on you reducing endurance and that can be stacked up to 10 times. Destroy the statue to push through to Kornus.



Kornus, the Harbinger of Kaprima

The fight against Kornus starts with a red statue being summoned.

Harmful Statues

These statues will be summoned during the entire battle with Kornus, announced by the message “Have you been enjoying my little traps?” They have the same skills as the statues which you met on the way to Kornus, and these statues can (and should) likewise be pushed to the edges of the area.

Weakened Defense

When Kornus says “Do you really think my traps are my only trick?” he will attempt to inflict a harmful effect on the target in front of him with the highest aggro. This effect reduces the weapon's defense by 70%.


Increased Defense

When the message “Let me show you and impenetrable defense!” appears, Kornus prepares to increase his defense to 500. During this time he will be immune to damage. You'll have 7 seconds after the message appears to interrupt Kornus, such as by using the Priest's Plague of Exhaustion skill.

Caution: This effect can be stacked 10 times, reaching a maximum 5000 defense points.



Storm Attack

For the majority of the fight, Kornus will concentrate on the target with the highest aggro, attacking them incessantly with his lance. At 70% HP he'll storm towards a group member, as indicated by a colored line on the ground.

Statue Ping-Pong

So, think you've tidied all those statues out of the way? That'll be a real thorn in Kornus' eye! Below 50% HP he'll occasionally start to draw those statues back towards him (in addition to the new ones being summoned).

As long as those statues are kept at bay, and the effect which increases his defense is successfully interrupted, then the battle against Kornus should be pretty smooth. Once you've defeated him, you'll be able to press on towards Kaprima.



Kaprima, the Revivified Demon Reaver

One of Arborea's most popular enemies is finally making his reappearance! Veterans who previously fought against Kaprima in years past will certainly recognize many of his attacks.

Targeted Damage Circles

Kaprima targets a player and launches himself from the ground. For a few seconds that player will be outlined with a circle which follows them around. Shortly after the circle stops moving comes the pain! That's when you need to use an evasive skill to avoid taking damage.


Shot Put

Kaprima summons three balls to hand, which are then fired off towards the players. It's enough in this case to move out of the way to avoid the spheres.






Scythe Swipe

Kaprima is capable of a variety of blows and attacks with his scythe. Nobody's safe from his swinging blade, whether standing in front, behind or to the side!

From above From below
Roundhouse In front
Behind With the shaft

Ground Eruption

This attack follows on from a scythe swing and inflicts damage in a direct line in front of Kaprima.



Kaprima pounds the ground with the shaft of his scythe and calls out either “Irritating pests...! I shall exterminate you!” (small circle) or “Vermin! I will wipe you out...all of you!” (large ring), before casting a Pentagram Curse on the ground. Pay attention to the markings on the floor, since this will cause damage either directly under the boss or in a large radius around him.

If you're hit by a pentagram, you'll pick up the Curse of Kaprima. This harmful effect continually reduces HP for 15 seconds, and increases the damage which Kaprima inflicts by 30%.

Curse Ritual

When Kaprima says “What is the meaning of this? You leave me with no choice!” he will carry out a Curse Ritual. He heads to the centre of the area, drawing the players in towards him and casting a pentagram beneath him. Afterwards one player will be chosen as a target, stunned and then, after a few seconds, trapped in a snake head. This player is then protected from the lethal damage of Kaprima's ritual.


In order to avoid this damage, the other players must rush over to the stunned player and join them, so that they too are trapped inside the snake head.

Caution: Players inside the snake head receive a harmful effect which removes a HP percentage-wise and makes using skills impossible. Make sure therefore that you have full HP before entering the snake head.

Tip: Decide as a group in which direction you plan to move away from the pentagram so as to reduce the amount of time you need to reach the stunned player.