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Velik's Hold

Venture into the secret realm below Velika’s sparkling exterior, where death and destruction rule supreme, and only the mightiest of heroes can survive. Create a band of seven seasoned heroes willing to enter the maw of darkness and follow the mysterious underground path to uncover the archdevan secret lurking within!

Dungeon Overview:

Normal mode Hard mode
For 7-player groups
Teleportal on Velik’s Steps
Min. required item level 417 Min. required item level 423
Accessible from level 65
3 bosses
2 daily entries, 4 for club members 1 daily entries, 2 for club members


Kavador the Pathfinder is the first serious enemy you’re forced to engage in Velik’s Hold.

Kavador uses a range of mostly melee-based attacks, stomping about himself with claws and feet.

In one of his attack manoeuvres, the boss rolls up and rampages across the area, dealing damage to all players in his path. Later in the fight, Kavador carries out this attack multiple times in a row!

Of course, no boss fight would be complete without evil minions, and Kavador is no slouch in this department. He summons miniature versions of himself at the edge of the combat zone which roll across the area. Caution! There’ll be even more of these minions towards the end of the fight than the beginning!


After a brief skirmish with archdevans, you’ll reach the second area to find Prokyon, the Cyasmic Mystic Stone, waiting for you!

This stone leviathan comes with a limited toolkit of basic attacks, stomping and smashing his enemies into the ground with hand and foot.

One particularly powerful ground bash in his repertoire causes the ground in a small radius to shake.

Despite a penchant for getting up close and personal, Prokyon doesn’t give ranged enemies any peace. After a short casting time, he can cause massive boulders to slam into the ground, dealing huge damage in a high radius!

Prokyon has another ranged attack at his disposal, in which he makes a whip out of rock and thrashes it across the ground!

Reduce Prokyon below 40% HP and he’ll step up a gear, using molten stone energy to fire laser beams at targeted players. This attack leaves a mark on the ground which causes damage!

The Truth About Rock Piles

Aside from his regular attacks, Prokyon also has three more attacks revolving around rock piles. These piles of rock are created when he leaps into the air and then lands with a massive impact on the ground. Later in the fight, he’ll try to ensure there are a few players beneath him when he does this!

If there’s at least one pile of rocks, Prokyon can cause it to explode and deal massive damage to players in the immediate vicinity.

In order to avoid receiving damage from Prokyon’s second move, you need to take advantage of those piles of rock. Prokyon initiates an attack which deals damage through the entire area, during which time there will be protective zones marked out behind any existing rock piles. Get yourself safely to one of these zones if you’re to avoid damage from the approaching impact.



Once Prokyon bites the dust, you’ll be confronted by Veldeg, Lakan’s sinister experiment!

This new breed of warrior, in the guise of a fighting lizard, comes at you wielding an axe in his left hand and an iron weight in his right, unleashing a variety of blows in front and behind him!

One common move he employs involves an energy beam fired from his right arm which tracks and follows a player.

Warning! If the targeted player causes the beam to hit one of the crystals at the edge of the area, this will explode and deal damage to every player in the combat area. The destroyed crystal leaves behind it an energy pool which will glow every few seconds and inflict lethal damage.

At 89% HP, Veldeg will launch a series of attacks over the entire area. The first is an AoE attack which deals damage through the entire zone. For the second, Veldeg dives into the air, dealing damage and knocking down players with his impact on landing.

At 85% HP, Veldeg has an extra attack up his sleeve which has two stages: in the first he deals attacks in a small circle around him, before they finally reach the entire expanse of the area.

At 79% HP, Veldeg will charge at one of the crystals and destroy it, unleashing the area damage and leaving behind an energy pool. This attack is repeated every 20% – or until all the crystals have been destroyed.

The final attack we want to mention comes when Veldeg drops below 50% HP. These attacks must be foiled by two different healers, otherwise Veldeg will deal high damage to the entire group. Nobody should stand in the middle circle while Veldeg is preparing his attack, as they will be dealt continuous damage there.