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Velik’s Sanctuary

Having already started your quest to the goddess Velik in Velik’s Hold, your journey now continues in Velik’s Sanctuary. Lakan is keeping the goddess prisoner, bound by his dark magic. The path to her has been destroyed. Take a pegasus to the Temple Garden, defeat Lakan’s resurrected minions and take on the final boss! Note: Some of the names used in this preview are not final and may differ from those which appear in the game.


Normal mode Hard mode
For 5-player groups Not included in patch 55
Teleportal on Velik’s Steps
Min. required item level 423 Not included in patch 55
Accessible from level 65
3 bosses
1 daily entries, 2 for club members Not included in patch 55

Note: Patch 55 will initially launch with the normal version of the dungeon. Patch 56 coming in June will bring the hard mode and with it a much tougher nut to crack!


What happens in the Sky Cruiser doesn’t stay in the Sky Cruiser! Your first encounter with Darkan will feel like a walk in the park in comparison to the challenge the fiery demon will confront you with after his revival by Lakan! Time to banish this creature to the void once and for all!

The muscle memory in this reincarnation has by no means faded, and Darkan will come at you with a range of familiar attacks, but these are also compounded by some new abilities and combat moves.

Magic Generators

Once Darkan drops below 95% HP, he will summon a series of Magic Generators (Level 1) on the edge of the area, laying down a burning zone which should not be entered.

From this moment on, once or twice per minute Darkan will concentrate his attacks on a single player with the message ‘I’ll annihilate at least one of you!’ The targeted player should move to one of the generators and divert Darkan’s attack at this instead. If successful, the generator will be destroyed and the burning circle around the room partially interrupted.

This is important, since when Darkan sets the entire area on fire with the cry ‘Burn to ashes!’, you’ll only be safe next to one of the destroyed generators. Darkan will carry out one of these attacks roughly every two minutes once he drops below 85% HP, summoning back all destroyed generators at the same time.

Below 50% HP, Darkan will really turn up the heat – doubtless clear in the knowledge that Lakan isn’t likely to give him a third chance! All level 1 generators will be replaced by level 2 ones. From now on, Darkan will attack all players with a meteor strike whenever he cries ‘I will annihilate you all!’ Magic Generators must now be hit by at least 4 meteors before they are destroyed.

A word of warning to all healers: attempting to resurrect a group member will only enrage Darkan and provoke an attack. Using your ability will immediately incite Darkan to interrupt you with the cry ‘You’re time’s up!’ This also applies to the use of Scrolls of Resurrection. However his ability to interrupt has a cooldown of 90 seconds.

Once Darkan drops below 25% HP, he’ll go into a frenzy. For the remainder of the fight, his attack power is increased by 10% and his movement speed by 5%. Fortunately there are no more large-scale attacks at this stage, so you won’t need to destroy any more generators.


The second boss waiting to pay his respects is another familiar face back from the dead – Dakuryon. The terrifying final boss from the Shadow Sanguinary will use a fine blend of age-worn attacks and new tactics against you.

At 90% HP Dakuryon will start to summon his minions to fight alongside him. You must kill them before they can start to spread damaging spheres around the area. When Dakuryon creates a barrier around himself, you must rush to his side to make sure you’re not hit by the huge damage inflicted outside the energy barrier. Of course, Dakuryon won’t take kindly to that, and you’ll have to be quick on your feet to dodge the different patterns of damage on the ground within the barrier.


Following on from Dakuryon, you have a choice of two different paths to take: either you confront Perimos and earn a clue to Lakan’s attack patterns towards the end of the fight, or you slip past him and defeat a group of archdevans en route.

Whichever choice you make, you’ll find a teleportal at the end which takes you to Velik’s Residence where Lakan is already waiting.



Lakan is the mastermind behind all the evil machinations tearing through Arborea in recent years. He granted many a boss great powers to stop you, but none of them could check your endless march. Now he’s going to take matters into his own hands! He has already defeated Velika’s patron god in her own residence, and now he has sinister plans for the Stone Tablets of the Titans.

You’re the final hope for Arborea. Stop Lakan in his tracks and rescue Velik!

This god is one powerful adversary with a series of nasty surprises up his sleeve even in the normal version of the dungeon. To give you a little teaser of what to expect, we’ll give you an insight into just one of his attacks at this point.

"I grant you a glimpse into my soul."

Once Lakan drops below 30% HP, he will drag you into his cold and sinister soul world. Use your dodge skills to ensure you avoid being hit by the energy wave which travels through the area toward the boss… before the soul world consumes everything!