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All user accounts with the Standard or Collector’s Edition (digital or physical) will be transformed into a Veteran account. This account type has many benefits compared to the Free User account. For example, our Veterans will have all 8 character slots instead of 2, 4 bank tabs instead of 1, a special title available in-game and even more benefits.
Yes, we have a premium currency called TERA Thalers. The TERA Club subscription can only be acquired with real money though.
No, don’t worry. No character has been deleted! Due to a server merge in November, all characters were moved to new servers. For example, if you were on a PvP server before, you will find your characters on Killian now. If you were on an English PvE server, your characters are now on Fraya. Former German PvE players will find their characters on Hasmina.
Sometimes it just takes some time, so please wait a moment. If the launcher is stuck, please open the Windows task manager and close the launcher.exe, and then open it anew. Also check your firewall and your antivirus software in case you need to unblock TERA. If the problem still occurs, download the launcher again from the account management system and replace the old file in your TERA folder. If none of this helps, please contact our support team at http://support.en.tera.gameforge.com and create a new ticket. Please also be sure not to close the launcher while TERA is running as this can cause the game to crash.
Please log in to your account and click the TERA Shop button in-game. At the top of the shop, you will find a button for the TERA Club, click on that button and then on the button to become a TERA member, this will open your browser and leads you to the membership page. Choose your favourite way to pay and fill in all the information that’s needed. Enjoy your TERA Club membership! Please keep in mind that TERA Club membership can only be bought with real money. We can’t accept TERA Thalers for membership. You can also manage your club membership this way. You can also manage your club membership through the account management system on our website now.
After opening the menu, you’ll find an additional button for the shop, which opens a new window in-game. Take your time to browse the shop to see if you find anything you like. If you want to buy something from the shop, you need to add TERA Thalers (TT) to your account. Clicking the “Buy TT” button in the shop will open your browser with all the info you need. As soon as the Thalers are added to your account, you can start shopping. Enjoy your new items!
You will receive this item only for one character, so make sure you buy the item for the correct character.
Open the menu and go to “Activities”, then click on “Item Claim”. You will find all the items you bought there.
Yes, you can still redeem those codes. In order to enter a gametime card code, please go in-game and open the TERA Shop. Click the TERA Club button at the top to open your browser. You will be shown different ways to become a member of the TERA Club. Click on “Redeem Code” and enter your gametime code. For the time your gametime card is valid, you will now be a proud member of the TERA Club.
Yes, it is. There are still retailers who have some copies of TERA in stock. You need to buy one of these and enter the game code into the account management system. By doing so, your account will be upgraded to Veteran status and you will be able to enjoy all the associated privileges.